Securus Technologies Leads the Pack in Justice System Technology and Solutions

Securus Technologies, a leading provided of technology solutions for the judicial system is challenging its main competitor to an independent evaluation of their technology and solutions.


Securus Technologies offers solutions in a number of arenas, including public safety, corrections monitoring, and investigation. Securus Technologies desires to have an independent technology judge. Securus Technologies wants the independent technology judge to determine which company has the most significant and the highest quality solution set. Securus Technologies also wants a determination of which company has the most modern sophisticated telephone calling platform. Securus Technologies challenges GTL to submit to an independent judge to determine which enterprise has the most capital as well as the most cost-effective and efficient platform.


Securus Technologies contends that GTL has engaged in spinning inaccurate facts. Securus Technologies asserts that its technology, customer services, and other matters surpass that available from GTL. This reality runs in the face of contentions made by GTL, according to Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies has invested over $700 million back in its business in recent years. This includes not only technology upgrades but the acquisition of other companies to expand its spectrum of services. Securus Technologies now provides an ever broader range of solutions and services for its clients.


Securus Technologies, through its CEO, notes that it is well-versed on the technologies used by GTL. Securus Technologies used those technological platforms in the past, but replaced them because they were old, inefficient, and outdated. Securus Technologies CEO makes it clear that his company is committed to ensuring that it remains on the forefront when it comes to all solutions for its clients.