An Answer to Brazil’s Water Problems

The government of Brazil announced that it will begin making arrangements to improve the current water situation in the country. It will be working with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development to accomplish the goal of improving sanitation and water conservation.

Felipe Montoro Jens interviewed Edison Carlos, the president of Trata Brasil, who works closely with organizations that are focused on increasing the standards of basic sanitation. During his interview, it was announced that there are many ways the country is planning to improve water management, and water conservation, while increasing the sanitation standards of the industry.

In the interview on, Edison also addressed the use of the public power system performing nearly 90 percent of the services needed for water, sewage, and sanitation. He believes that by increasing the number of public enterprises that are involved in managing the system. By taking advantage of the power of private enterprises, beneficial partnerships and improvements can be made for the benefit of the country.

Brazil National Bank for Economic and Social Development is creating contracts for customized action plans. These customized action plans will be developed utilizing surveys. These surveys on will show the current level of sanitation and water conservation. From this information, detailed reports for improvement can be created for individual areas. By creating customized action plans, they will know exactly how much improvement is needed in each area.

Decreasing Water Waste
One of the primary needs in the country is to decrease the amount of water lost in the sanitation process at The amount of water waste that occurs on a daily basis depletes the resources of state run facilities. By improving water saving capabilities, facilities can conserve finances as well.

Utilizing Private Sector Finances
It is a well-known fact that the private sector contains more wealth. These financial resources are much needed for advancements. Not only can these finances increase the outreach of sanitation programs, it can also help improve the technology used in sewer and water management.

Felipe Montoro Jens
Jens is an active member in the Brazilian infrastructure and is an active participant in creating energy solutions. His company goals are to create innovative solutions to serve clients and communities.

Jens works in promoting Brazil’s social development and economic improvement.

Wine Investing Explained By UKV PLC

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