Bruno Fagali’s Rise to the Top of Brazil’s Attorney List

Bruno Fagali is a lawyer who calls Brazil, specifically the São Paulo area his home base. He has his Masters degree in State Law, Anticorruption, and Administrative Law. Bruno Fagali began his career as an intern for Model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns. While he was working there, he focused on civil law cases involving domestic violence and family law. Over the next 3 years, Bruno Fagali went on to work at 2 other law firms, again concentrating on public law but expanding his knowledge in bidding and administrative contracts. In 2012, he was appointed his first attorney position with the firm Radi, Calil e Associados Law, where we worked for the next 2 years doing public law and administrative appeals.

The next chapter of Bruno Fagali’s life began when he became a Corporate Integrity Manager for Nova/sb, which is an advertising agency that is very pro-ethics. Nova/sb has won awards for using certain practices to help fight corruption. While working here, it was Mr. Fagali’s job to design and implement the Corporate Integrity program for Nova/sb, which he accomplished with his time there.

The newest venture in Bruno Fagali’s life is the opening of his new law firm Fagali Law in mid-2016. Bruno Fagali has been praised again and again for his outstanding commitment to his clients and achieving outstanding results in his cases. Bruno Fagali has built a reputation in Brazil and has entrepreneurs, organizations, and businesses that consult with him on their most complicated cases because they know he will get them the results they deserve.

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George Soros Re-emerges with Massive Support for Hillary Clinton

George Soros had left the political scene after his 27 million dollars contribution in an attempt to defeat George Bush in 2004 bore no fruits. He quietly reemerged as one of the top funders of democrats in addition to serving as conservatives’ bogeyman. During the campaign period, Soros committed more than 25 million dollars as a way of boosting Hillary’s bid in addition to supporting other democrats. This is something that the federal election commission says that Soros was able to achieve through his fundraising operations. The amount was expected to increase and Soros was expected to give even more as the elections neared. Learn more about his profile at

Soros is a Hungarian born American who lived in New York. He had been friends with Hillary Clinton for more than two and a half decades, which was one of the reasons he prepared to attend his first democratic convention despite his advanced age of 85 years. He wanted to see his friend accept the democratic presidential nomination. This was however not to be since Soros felt that he needed to watch his trade carefully now that he had resume active trading. There was a need for him to keep a close monitor on the European economy hence he had to cancel his trip the last minute.

However, sources close to Soros reported that he was now politically active than he had ever been in his entire life. Some claimed that this could be stemming from his support for his friend Hillary Clinton or he could be operating from a fear of Hillary’s rival who Soros believes was busy instilling fear in people thus replicating the work of ISIS. A remark from Soros political advisor revealed that the level of engagement in democratic support was exceptionally high during the year because of the active election period. He might have been a consistent supporter of numerous causes the party undertook, but the level of interest heightened with the elections nearing. His interest was high long before Trump became the other side’s nominee. This heightened interest was brought about by the fact that Soros identified with the issues that the other side was against. These are the very issues he supports and cared about for years hence he had to support a democratic candidate to deal with matters of immigration reforms, religious intolerance as well as criminal justice reforms. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

Those in the Clintons side viewed Soros move to support Clinton financially as a positive win. In fact, George Soros was seen as one of the influencers that could trigger other rich people to support Hillary’s bid. There are three elite donors including Tom Steyer, Fred Eychaner and Don Sussman contributed significantly in a number of other democratic campaigns. However, none of these people had the influence that Soros has in the political arena. However, the effect of this cumulative mobilization of funds by the elite in the society was a major boost for the Hillary Clinton campaign. This gave her an edge over her competitors especially as far as the campaigns were concerned.

Sam Tabar: Financial and Legal Expert

One of the biggest hurdles investors encounter is the lack of sound and reliable legal and business advice. Sam Tabar has managed to overcome these barriers to drive companies and investors to realize higher investment returns.

As a managing partner in FullCycle Energy Fund, Tabar raises capital, creates work plans, analyses trends and makes decisions on the best investment options. Another of his most critical roles in the firm is the identification of potential investors around the world who will heighten the company’s overall returns in business. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

Tabar’s training and experience cover the legal and financial sectors. He has bachelor’s degrees from Oxford University and Columbia Law School alongside other institutions. He has worked with different organizations in various capacities and widened his scope of experience. With such a rich background, Tabar stands out as an expert in the development of business portfolios and operational models.

Despite being a major player in the business world, he is also a registered and certified legal practitioner according to the New York State Bar. His fluency in key international languages including English, French, and Japanese give him an upper hand in making competent representation on the corridors of justice.

According to, despite being a leading face in business and legal platforms, Sam Tabar also has time for a social life. Posts from his social media platforms clearly indicate he values a holistic life. On his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, Sam maintains social conversations with friends and shares insights and trends of the legal and business worlds.

He enjoys traveling and constantly shares his experiences on the road. Sam is a compassionate person who continually uses his social platform to give inspiration quotes and messages that helped him on the path of success.

Comprehending the business, financial and legal facets of a company is not an easy undertaking. The majority find this to be an uphill task, but Sam Tabar seems to take it with ease.

He has gained substantial experience as an employee of different companies, a legal representative of major businesses and a partner in a leading investment firm. He gains credit by working tirelessly to ensure the investments of his clients garner significant returns.

Wen Shampoo/Conditioner on Fine Hair

Wen, by Chaz is a shampoo and conditioning product in one. Or at least it started out that way. Now there are treatments, styling products, and many different scents to choose from. Chaz Dean began as a photographer, who needed to learn how to style hair and apply make-up to his models. He went to cosmetology school and worked hard to become a well-known stylist to the celebrities. His love of beauty and nature shows through in his product line, Wen.

Emily McClure writes an article on Bustle, as to how the Wen hair product works on her hair. Despite her thin hair, she chooses the Fig variety from eBay, which is meant for thick hair. She chose it for the moisture. She begins her Wen journey after a day of traveling. Her hair is greasy to begin with. She washes her hair that night and realizes just how much product is recommended, 16-24 pumps for medium hair. Worried the shampoo/conditioner would weigh her hair down she chooses to use 10 pumps, the minimum recommended amount.

After blow drying her hair, she notices more shine and bounce. The next morning, however, her hair is greasy at the root. Having a busy schedule, she doesn’t have time to worry about it. When she comes home that night, she washes with Wen, blow dries, and her hair turns out shiny and bouncy, just as before. The following morning her hair is greasy again. So, that night she washes her hair as usual, but this time uses styling products after blow drying. The following day her hair went flat, but she enjoyed the shine and over all healthy look to her hair.

Day four she had no time to wash her hair, so the whole day was a greasy mess. She chose to wash in the morning of day five, and her hair turned out perfectly, although the curls fell out too fast. On day six she also washed her hair in the morning, and she had another great day. Day seven she realizes washing her hair in the morning works wonders, and she absolutely loves the shine Wen adds. Visit the Wen hair Facebook page for more info.


Get Clothing For Indoor Activities From Fabletics

With the days heating up, there is likely to be some thought about indoor activities. Many people know that it is not necessary to be outside in order to maintain one’s body weight. There are plenty of activities that could be done indoors that could bring about a lot of fitness. For one thing, people are able to do weight training in the gyms. At the same time, there are plenty of other activities that are popular among many people. For instance, there is yoga. This is one thing that Kate Hudson is known for. As a matter of fact, yoga is one of the most popular activities among people.


For people that are looking for indoor activities, they can go with Fabletics. This company is one of the most stylish companies when it comes to clothing. Therefore, people who want to attend their yoga classes or workout sessions with a little bit of style will find the styles they want with Fabletics. For one thing, Fabletics has been created with the intention of mixing fitness and fashion. While some people may roll their eyes when they see style walking into a class of activity, it is important to realize that fashion and fitness do not have to be mutually exclusive.


Fabletics offers plenty of outfits for people who are interested in workouts. Among the outfits they have are many two-pieces and three-piece outfits. Of course, these outfits displayed on the site are just examples. People can look to plenty of other combinations to bring out something that is really amazing. Another thing about dressing stylishly for the workout is that it helps people gain the confidence to do the workout and put all of their effort into it.


One thing that Fabletics values is creativity. For one thing, people can be creative beyond fashion. It is possible for people to be creative with fitness. For one thing, creativity is what can inspire people to reach their goals of fitness. Any type of activity is good for people who shop at Fabletics. They just have to find their match through the lifestyle quiz.