Craft Beer Movement in Canada

The CEO of Steamworks Brewery, Eli Gershovitch, has been one of the leading entrepreneurs in the Canadian craft beer movement. The trend following the craft beer movement seems to be driven by millennials who desire unique and individualized dining experience. It is estimated that by the year 2020, that 20% of all beer sales will be craft beers. With Eli Gershovitch’s vast business experience, he is able to anticipate upcoming trends in the beer market and apply it to his business to keep it viable.

Eli Gershovitch’s interest in craft beer starts 30 years ago when he participated in a European beer tour after graduating law school at the University of Toronto. During his early years as a lawyer, he started to research craft beer locations and business ideas. It also became part of his day job as a lawyer working with clients on getting their liqueur licenses. He decided to open his own brewery in a 100-year-old building that featured an odd steam heat system. He then decided on using the steam system as his energy source the brewery. That is how his company got his name.

Eli Gershovitch started experiencing success early on in his brewery. By 1995 the brewery had successfully created over 15 different beers. He only started out selling six original craft beers the first year he was open. Now his craft beers are sold in over 85 stores across the US and Canada. Eli Gershovitch opened his full-scale brewery in 2013, which is able to 20 times more beer that his original pub scale brewery (BeerMeBC). Eli Gerschovitch is an inspiration for anyone who wants to pursue their dreams to find a career they truly enjoy. He was able to utilize his current position as a lawyer to pursue what he truly wanted to.

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