Hussain Sajwani: Entrepreneurship is in his Blood

Hussain Sajwani, an Emirati native, is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of titan real estate development company DAMAC Properties. The company is headquartered in Dubai and was created in 2002. Mr. Sajwani surprisingly started from small-scale beginnings. His father and mother were self-employed in the Middle East. Mr. Sajwani’s father made a living selling imported watches and pens from China, while his mother sold fabrics and household goods. Mr. Sajwani’s father was very dedicated to his work-hence he worked long hours which took away from family time. Hussain Sajwani was introduced to the family shop at the early age of 3. He helped his father on a continuous basis through the years. Hussain Sajwani was disheartened by the laborious hours it took to maintain the family business. Mr. Sajwani was highly urged to play a larger role in the family business. When Mr. Sajwani reached adulthood, he decided against his father’s desires. Hussain Sajwani attempted a more professional career path that was short-lived. In no time, the astute young man once again would be faced with entrepreneurship. This time, it was a more appealing opportunity. Dubai offered foreigners an avenue to purchase land, which was a popular movement in the Middle East. Mr. Sajwani leaped into the investment, securing unit sales before actually moving into the construction phase of his multi-residential building. The young businessman set himself up for long-term entrepreneurship with this endeavor.


The leader indelibly employs a wealth of life and business lessons that he experienced during his childhood. Undoubtedly observing entrepreneurship in its truest, richest, one-dimensional form. Clever Hussain Sajwani delivers world-class luxury that is unmatched by any other development outfit in the Middle East. He incorporates next level opulence by introducing unthinkable amenities and facilities with every development installation. He has really cultivated his craft and works hard to become the best at it. Mr. Sajwani is a firm believer that if one remains dedicated and focused-they will successfully reach their set goals. Hussain Sajwani relentlessly stayed aligned with his dedication, and early entrepreneurship skills in order to change the landscape of the Middle East.

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Hussain Sajwani DAMAC Owner Focuses on AYKON

The article, “DAMAC to tender construction of a second tower at its AYKON City master development”, is about how DAMAC is now ready to start the tendering process for the second tower at AYKON. The editorial also discusses how the new construction will increase residential housing to the city. DAMAC discusses that the fast growth has enabled them the capability to commence receiving bids for the construction undertaking. The second tower is enhancing the infrastructure of AYKON and developing it into a metropolis district. The area will consist of many facets including residences, workplaces, shopping, entertainment and restaurants. The second tower of a six-tower project the area is sure to see numerous more enriching additions.


Hussain Sajwani was born in 1954, his father was a shop owner which is where Sajwani learned hard work and fortitude. Through his childhood he wanted to enrich his life and earned gained a government scholarship which brought him to the United States for his college education. He attended the University of Washington and attained a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering and Economics. A Contract Manager for GASCO started Sajwani’s career. In 1982 he created his own catering business Global Logistics Services which has grown and currently produces and serves over 150,000 meals daily. In 2002 he founded and became CEO of DAMAC Properties which specializes in real estate for housing, relaxation and business usage. The 2017 Forbes Global 2000 lists ranks DAMAC as number 1. A property developer he is worth in excess of 4 billion dollars. Besides being owner and CEO of DAMAC he also owns the investment company DICO Investments Co. LLC. The Forbes list of World’s Richest Arabs for 2017 shows his listed within the top 10. In 2013 DAMAC was the first real estate company from the middle east to be listed on the London stock exchange. He is not only the owner of DAMAC he is a husband and father of four children residing in Dubai.

Jed McCaleb and Stellar – Could they be the Future of Banking?

Jed McCaleb is the co-founder and current Chief Technical Officer for, a company that aims to unite the world via easier, faster, more secure transaction methods. The company uses blockchain technology to accomplish its goals.


What is Blockchain?

The blockchain is the technology behind a safe and secure record keeping method. Each individual record is kept in what is called a block, and all blocks are connected using cryptography. This technology allows the data to become decentralized, stored on the machines of hundreds of thousands of people instead of a central hub.


McCaleb’s Prediction

Jed McCaleb recently announced his belief that one day the entire world will be connected via a single transaction network. He said that even stocks are not exempt from such a shift in the industry. This shift would be a dynamic change to the entire world, and it is unknown if this would be a change for the better or for the worse.


“In the next 10 years I wouldn’t be surprised if all equity isn’t tokenized on some blockchain somewhere,” McCaleb said.


Stellar, McCaleb’s company, is working hard to become the worldwide network that McCaleb talked about.


There are hundreds of different blockchain companies in existence at the moment, some of them fraudulent and some of them legitimate. The market is so competitive right now that prices of bitcoin are at a long-time low. When the bubble pops, it is quite possible that there will be only one blockchain company left standing. This company will have door wide open, ready to corner the market.


About Stellar

Stellar was created in a joint effort between McCaleb and Joyce Kim. McCaleb has had tons of previous experience in the blockchain world and in other methods of decentralized transfers like peer to peer file sharing. Stellar has been focusing on providing banking options to countries that previously lacked them. Stellar also works to bring cheaper financial options to large companies like IBM.

Joel Friant’s Journey To Greatness

Joel Friant is a successful entrepreneur based in Corpus Christi, Texas. Joel has a passion for the creation of new commodities as well as improving made goods to increase their value. He also loves to educate prospective entrepreneurs of steps to undertake to make it in the ever competitive markets. He likes to help others to improve their current situations. Joel Friant believes that they only way to success is working continuously to develop on past achievements.


Joel began his entrepreneurial journey in real estate and home remodeling. He later shifted to fast foods business in 1995. Joel introduced the first fast food joint of its kind in the country. The joint was dubbed Fast Food Thai concept, and it attracted a lot of customers who were eager to eat Thai foods. During this period, Mr. Friant developed Habanero Chile Pepper that was very popular around the place where his joint was situated.


After operating the hotel business for a while, Joel went back to doing real estate. This time he concentrated on house flipping. Joel would buy a house that was in a bad state, renovate it and later sell it at a higher price. At this point, Joel realized that he had a passion for the real estate business. He would now help his friends to acquire houses at pocket-friendly prices. He took his business a step further by introducing mortgages, and it rapidly grew to a successful firm. The company that started as a small real estate firm had now grown into a big one that had numerous clients.


Joel Friant has had an interest in making it in business for many years. When the financial crises that had struck the country ended in 2008, he was inquisitive as what had brought it. After thorough research, Joel concluded that people fail or succeed in life due to many reasons. He summarized these reasons into a simplified way that could be readily understood by those who seek the information. Joel has written numerous articles on this favorite topic. His writings are even accessible online, and many people have immensely benefited from reading them. He also regularly holds online seminars whereby he teaches people on how to improve their life situations.

Traded: An AvaTrade Review For Beginning Retail Trade Investors

Few things are scarier than handing your money over knowing that there’s a possibility you could lose every penny, but the professionals at AvaTrade are making that possibility a little less scary. The retail investment trading broker has spent 12 years establishing itself as one of the leading companies in the investment instrument and commodities trading industries, a fact backed by their frequent total value of $60 million.


Those who are new to trading will love AvaTrades easily to use website and plethora of resources and tools. Educational materials are offered with an account to ensure customers understand the instrument they are traded, as is a complementary market analysis. They currently offer over 250 financial trading instruments (including stocks, EFTs, Forex and commodities) and announced in 2013 that they would begin offering Bitcoin trading as well.


AvaTrade was created in 2006 by like-minded financial professionals and web-commerce experts and quickly became one of the most well-known names in online retail trading. Over the years they have expanded from their headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, into regional offices in major cities across the globe, such as Tokyo, Milan and Paris. Sales offices are located throughout several countries and their dedicated, multilingual support staff can be found in 34 countries and is available 24 hours per day, 5 days per week.


Regardless of your knowledge or previous experience in investment trading, AvaTrade will make the process a smooth and almost-painless one. Sign-up incentives and bonuses sweeten the deal for those looking to open an account, and demo trading accounts are available for those who aren’t quite sure about depositing their money just yet. After sign up users are offered the AvaTrade debit card for fast and easy access to funds that have cleared the five day withdrawal waiting period. Investors rest easy knowing that they’re in good hands and that their funds and investments are in a secure location. The company is also regulated by regulation commissions in several countries, such as the Central Bank of Ireland and Financial Services Commission, to ensure local and federal compliance.

The Oxford Club Offers Cutting-Edge Investing Insights

The Oxford Club is one of the nation’s premier investment research organizations which supplies its members with market-beating products in the form of newsletters and trading services. They are staffed by professionals with a deep knowledge of investing and trading strategies that are designed to maximize returns and minimize risk.


This international team of investors and entrepreneurs is a private organization that spans the globe with members in 131 countries. They number more than 157,000 who all strive to realize lasting wealth and financial freedom. With this idea in mind, they hope to attain a quality of life that goes beyond wealth. A chance to focus one’s life on friends, family, and community is priceless and the end product of financial independence.


Their flagship newsletter is called the Oxford Communique and it’s an excellent example of their expertise in market research. It’s written by Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green who is also a best-selling author as acknowledged by the New York Times. His analysis of market trends and trading opportunities are in conjunction with his remarkable depth of knowledge and experience.


Beyond Wealth is a popular essay series that is also written by Green and it offers insights on politics, philosophy, and principles for healthy living as well. It complements the winning market research and deepens the value of the product.


The Oxford Income Letter is for those focused on constructing a world-class portfolio that brings new meaning to the words passive income. They highlight top dividend stocks and how to realize substantial income from corporate bonds as well.


The Oxford Club also offers 12 different trading services that take advantage of various investment sectors such as the options market. The power and flexibility of options are well known and the opportunity to sell options for income in a conservative fashion appeals to many investors. Automatic Trading Millionaire highlights the best options strategies for investors including how to buy stocks at a discount.


A central tenet of The Oxford Club’s mission is to help members attain market-beating gains while reducing risk. The two ideas would seem to be incongruent at first glance but the time-tested strategies that they employ make this possible.

Organo Gold, the Top Choice of Coffee Connoisseurs

Organo Gold coffee is renowned worldwide for their excellent products. They have some of the most famous coffee because it promotes good health and an active, wealthy life. Organo Gold has engaged in making their best salespeople wealthy and achieving their dreams for many years. They have been able to change the lives of their employees by their collaboration with The Napolean Hill Foundation. This is the same company that published the popular book, “Think and Grow Rich.” Together, they have helped families across the world achieve their goals of wealth and financial freedom. Read more at about Organo Gold.

Thanks to their great success with helping families achieve the wealth they desire, they have been able to spa few charitable organizations. One of the organizations that Organo Gold contributes to is the OG Cares Foundation. They are one of the main sponsors for the foundation. This non-profit organization was designed to provide underprivileged youths with greater opportunities and help them become more engaged in their communities. They assist with projects such as food drives, clothing drives, and kitchen pantries. The OG Cares Foundation has set up multiple community gardens throughout different communities and together with Organo Gold, they have changed lives and upgraded the face of community.

For those who are interested in Organo Gold products and samples, they are more than happy to ship some samples to your home for your enjoyment. The most popular Organo Gold item is the black coffee. All of their products are infused with a rare mushroom called ganoderma lucidum. The mushroom has been used by Asian cultures for centuries for its healing properties. It has naturally occurring antioxidants that heal ailments like headaches and illness. Many connoisseurs use the coffee to assist in losing weight. The caffeine combined with supercharged antioxidants makes Organo Gold a perfect choice for weight loss. To try this coffee just set up a quick easy order with Organo Gold.


The Chinese believed the ganoderma lucidum mushroom contained magical healing properties and because of this legend its reputation persists today. Organo Gold also offers a staple of tea for those who are searching for something with a calming effect. Their green tea is also infused with ganoderma lucidum and many customers have reported favorably on the sense of well-being they receive when drinking the tea. This is a magnificent gift for anyone who enjoys meditation or yoga. The sense of satisfaction is second to none. Follow Organo Gold on

Southridge Capital and The Astonishing Success It Has Achieved Merely From Still Being Around

Each day there’s a new start-up that’s brave enough to battle ahead and compete with the currently established companies. The competition is tough, and despite all the tools, free knowledge, networks and social media connections one can establish in a snap, it’s still a pretty tough fight out there. One of the brave and outstanding companies today that still stands despite the new competition is Southridge Investment Group. Founded in 1996, this company has stood the test of time, has weathered the challenges of starting a business and has established itself as a company that can empower the society.

The Empowering Financial Solutions

If you want to be on top, you have to deal with finance. Your business has to be financially educated. To do this, it is safe to say that one has to acquire the basics of financial practice, methodology, and economics. Without such foundation, it would be harder to go out there and let your company compete with the new changes and market developments today. With Southridge LLC, your educational dilemmas and problems in finance would now have its solutions. You can get a clear background on the spectrum of issues you have to confront before starting a business. You can get the products you have to become better received by the market. You can get your brands energized financially, so your brand gets all the strength, support and financial education that it requires.

There’s now about $1.8 billion worth of investments globally that has been tunneled through Southridge, and that is indeed a real testament that it’s a company that can achieve what it wants and can help companies get to the goals they need. Their financial planning set-up can empower their prospective clients and help them follow the plans without failure or backlogs.

The Robust Experience

One only needs to consider the long years that Southridge Capital has been around to know that it has the wisdom already that can be likened to a surviving, elder and ancient philosopher who knows how to survive despite risks. The knowledge of those who survived long years of risks are the high priority, and that is the strength of Southridge LLC today. You can follow their Twitter and Facebook page.

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Madison Street Capital Wins The M&A Advisor Awards

About three months ago, the winners of the M&A Advisor Awards were announced, by the M&A Advisor. The Debt Financing Deal of the Year award was given to Madison Street Capital.


David Fergusson, the president of the M&A Advisor, said that they have been honoring M&A transactions for over 10 years. He went on to say that Madison Street Capital was chosen from a list of over 500 companies and that M&A Advisor felt that it was a great pleasure to present the company with the award. Fergusson said Madison Street Capital stood out of the crowd and it had earned the honors.


The CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, said his company was honored to receive the award. He also congratulated Barry Petersen, the company’s senior managing director, as well as WLR Automotive.


Besides receiving the award, Madison Street Capital was a finalist in both the Financials Deal of the Year and the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the year.


About Madison Street Capital

They are an investment bank that has offices located throughout North America, Africa and Asia. Their headquarters is located in the city of Chicago, Illinois. The founder and CEO of Madison Street Capital is Charles Botchway. The chief operating officer is Anthony Marsala. As for when the company was started, Botchway launched it back in 2005, and since then he has grown it to become one of the most respected companies in the industry.


Madison Street Capital provides a range of products and services. These include business valuation services and mergers/acquisitions services. Other products and services offered include venture capital services, as well corporate tax planning services. The firm offers their services to both privately held businesses and publicly held businesses.


If you would like to find out more about the services Madison Street Capital offers, feel free to visit their website.

CEO Tony Petrello Gives Tirelessly After Birth Of Premature Daughter

Tony Petrello gives liberally after birth of Daughter Carena

Tony Petrello and President/CEO of Nabor Industries focuses on giving back after Daughter Carena was born prematurely eight years ago. It has been a long journey for little Carena, as she has only just begun to be capable of eating on her own this year. Tony Petrello, along with his wife Cynthia have given their time, emotional and monetary support tirelessly to fund scientific research for periventricular leukomalacia, or PVL. Carena was born at only 6 months gestation. Weighing only 20 ounces, Carina’s disorder developed into Cerebral Palsey from the lack of oxygen to her small brain.

Never giving up hope for a Cure

After Tony and his wife researched and contacted the best institutions available in the country, it was brought to their attention that there is just simply not enough light being shone on research for premature infants , PVI and Cerebral Palsey or for individuals with brain injuries in general. Tony is a member of the Texas Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees and is working closely with Texas Children’s Hospital to give Carena the daily care that she requires. Tony describes his Daughter as a joy, and an inspiration to everyone she meets.


Tony Petrello, best known for his articulate business strategy, was not born into wealth and success

Tony Pertrello is not just the leader of natural gas drilling and oil. He is a one of the highest paid CEO’s in the United States, in his own right. He is admired widely for his competent business dealings and as a pioneer of innovation in his field. Yet, to his friends and family Tony is described as a genuine and humble human being, from meager beginnings. Tony Petrello grew up in a family that often struggled to make ends meet in Newark, New Jersey. His big break came when he was offered a scholarship to Yale based on his exceptional grades and PHD level mathematics skill upon high-school graduation.

Tony Petrello celebrates the life of his Yale professor Serge Lang

Tony Petrello contributed a generous $150,000 to honor the Mathematics Professor Serge Lang, who was considered one of the most prolific educators and mathematicians of his generation. Tony Petrello keeps the dream of Serge Lang alive by keeping his vision of funding exceptional student education alive. Tony Petrello did not stop at just an initial contribution for his dear friend. He also has announced that he would generously match any other donations up to another $150,000. Tony Petrello makes generous contributions that matter in a business not often venerated for its philanthropy.

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