Talkspace Speak to an Online Therapist If you Feel You Cannot Survive a Friendship Breakup

up with a best friend can be quite brutal. When you break up in a romantic relationship, you will always have friends to talk to about it for hours. But, when you break up with a friend they have known for years, it can make a person isolated from the world. Even though many people might think it is a not a big deal, many people go through depression when they lose a friend. You might think that when you get closure, you will feel fine, but that is not always the case. Thus, forcing a closure with your friend is not a good way to move forward. You need to distance yourself from the situation if you want to heal.

To heal from a friendship breakup, you need to keep yourself busy and do things that you love to do. You should also spend time with other people so that you do not feel lonely. You might want to meet new people but do not force yourself to find a new best friend to fill the void of losing your friend. You can also try to learn new things with the time you have. Even though there is always a hope that you might rekindle your friendship, but for now, it is best to accept and move on since you have no control over what will happen in the future.

If you feel that you need someone to talk to about your feeling and do not want to seek a traditional therapy session, then online therapy should work for you. Using online therapy apps such as Talkspace, you can speak to a professional therapist in the comfort of your home. They are also available throughout the day and night, meaning that you can send them a text message or do a video call whenever you feel like talking to someone.

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