Penelope Kokkinides went to the University of Binghamton, receiving a Bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and classical languages. She later proceeded to New York University for a Master’s degree in social work and an advanced degree in alcohol and substance abuse in her post master’s program, as well as a master’s degree in public health, in the School of Public Health, University of Columbia.


During high school years, she was able to work as a receptionist in a doctor’s office in the afternoon. Penelope Kokkinides then got employment at Saks Fifth Avenue at the Manhattan main store as a floater, working the floor and helping customers, for 20 years. Her mother was a seamstress, to whom she referred clients.


Penelope Kokkinides formerly served as the Chief Officer in charge of Operations as well as the Clinical Operations’ Vice President, and later rejoined the InnovaCare Inc. in June 2015, currently the Chief Officer of Administration. She has specialized in the government Medicare and Medicaid programs as well as the industry of managed care, gaining over 20 years of experience.


Other specialties that she possesses include case management, special needs, mental health, public health, fluency in the language of Greek, and public administration. From February 2009 to January 2014, Penelope was Chief Operating Officer of InnovaCare Health Services, which was formerly part of Aveta, Inc.


Her knowledge in clinical program development and management of the processes of healthcare as well as operations, led by the focus on improvement of efficiency and infrastructure of the organization. Before rejoining InnovaCare, Inc., she served as Vice President of the Executive and Centerlight HealthCare’s Chief Officer of Operations, responsible for management and direction of the division of managed care from January 2014 to June 2015. Also are the positions of Touchstone Health Chief Operating Officer, and Vice President of AmeriChoice’s Corporate, under the management of both Care and Diseases.


Penelope Kokkinides developed and implemented the AmeriChoice Company’s health model. The company was UnitedHealth Group’s business unit. She works with a team with which synergies help in development and implementation of ideas. Technology excites her because it creates and evolves communication hence transforming the conduction of business.


Penelope Kokkinides spends time reading articles, publications, research, books and other sources to stay informed about the current information, as an entrepreneur in the industry. Organization and strategizing, are ways that she recommends in the attainment of goals by entrepreneurs.