The RealReal Challenging Conventional Luxury Clothing Retailers

You can now go ahead and buy that expensive dress, that flashy handbag or those glamorous shoes. The RealReal has your back. The burgeoning app is contending with luxury retailers across the country as more people consign gently used fashionable items. Now fashionistas can probably walk into their favorite store to purchase everything their heart desires because they can turn around to consign the items a short time later for about 80 percent of the buying price.

Many of the apps users sell to each other. It’s like a large community that takes care of itself. One The RealReal user can buy an expensive pair of shoes, wear them to an important function, put them up on the app for consignment, recoup 80 percent of the cost and use that money to buy a new handbag on the app. This is one of the reasons the company has been able to move $500 million worth of merchandise in six years. And it’s numbers like these that have attracted investors to the tune of $288 million in seed money.

Initially, high-end luxury retailers laughed at the idea of an app competing with them in the market. But these giant companies underestimated the will of the shopper. Shoppers love to find unique items and great deals. The app allows them to share the experience of bargain-hunting with other like-minded individuals while amassing quite a collection of luxury items. Everybody wins with The RealReal.

It’s the same old story with tech startups. Taxi companies laughed at Uber and Lyft in the beginning. Now the rideshare apps are the standard in urban travel and even have millennials ditching the costs of owning a car for the convenience of the apps. It seems that The RealReal is poised to reshape the luxury clothing market.

Julie Wainwright has her sights on the most high-end retailers in the world. Like many successful startups, she’s segued the company from an app to physical locations. She’s opened two stores in New York and Los Angeles while pop-up events continue to happen in cities like San Francisco and Las Vegas.

Neurocore: Neuroscience’s Leading Edge

Neuroscience can be defined as the study of the brain and it’s connection to the body via electrical pathways. Technology has evolved in many beneficial ways in the field of neuroscience, allowing informative tests such as the EEG, qEEG, and HRV. This data allows researcher access to biofeedback, allowing them to map activity in the brain regarding different activities and emotions. Neurcore has harnessed this information and the technology available to help treat a variety of mental illnesses and disorders. By being specifically informed about the pathways created in the brain and their relationship with certain emotions or activities, Neurocore is given the ability to treat illnesses such as PTSD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, and a variety of others. See more information about Neurocore at

Treating existing conditions is not the only service Neurocore can offer via their research and technology. Many athletes are currently using neuroscience and brain mapping to improve their performance. By monitoring respiration, stress, and recovery, athletes can better understand and improve their endocrine, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems and how they perform under pressure. This opportunity affords athletes with a competitive edge and a new understanding of the brain and it’s relation to the body in both resting and active periods. This understanding is important to those searching to expand the capability of their body in physical performance and athletics.


Neurocore is based in Michigan, but also has facilities located in Florida. With a total of eight brick and mortar facilities, Neurocoe has the ability to treat and improve the lives of many people through many different avenues. While future developments in the span of Neurocore are unclear, research and technology development is currently still underway to find and develop new and exciting uses for the information we receive from biofeedback and neurotherapy. BY developing new technology, and improving the way we translate information from current technology, Neurocore is expanding the way we understand our brain and our mind-body connection. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.