OSI Food Solution is unstoppable

It is hard to resist the mouth-watering meat patties; pizza, fish, chicken, hot dogs among many other delicious foods prepared by over 20,000 experienced OSI Food Solutions Employees. The company had built a name across the globe since 1906 when it was established. McDonald’s is among the first retail outlets to order meat patties and other products form the company.

Forbes has rated the organization as among the top 100 largest privately owned companies in the country. It also falls among the most profitable companies in the food industry having close to $6 billion in annual sales. No one can dispute the fact that the firm has outgrown competition having been in this space for more than 100 years.

Why OSI Food Solutions is among America’s Top 100 Food Companies

The company recently pocketed controlling stakes at Baho Foods in Europe and Tyson Food In Chicago. The transaction has seen its share capital grow in double digits. This has helped in expanding the market share and attracting millions of customers across foreign territories.

ISO Food Solutions Takes over Baho and Tysons Foods

The company is now better placed within Europe through the purchase of Baho Foods. The Spanish and Portugal markets have now opened new windows for the company to spread across the vast European market. This has created more demand for chicken in this region causing it to double its production to cater to the rising demand.

OSI Food Solutions creates more careers and employment

The organization has expanded its facilities to serve the growing production. This has meant that more job opportunities have been built in more than 17 countries where it operates. An interesting example is the expansion of Spanish operations in chicken processing to enable the company produces nearly 24,000 tons of chicken from annually.

Before the expansion, the facility could only produce 12,000 tons within the same period. The growth has culminated into more employment for the locals as it can employ more than 15 people in this plant only. This has helped in service delivery and strengthening production to serve the unlimited demand for its products.


The OSI Food Solutions managed to purchase the prestigious flagship Europe and later re-branded it to Creative Foods Europe early this year. Its projected that the growth of the company will continue to rise as demand for fast food explodes in many parts of the world. It is important to conclude that the firm commands the market in the food industry and this makes it a global giant.

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