Rocketship Education intelligent response to the media that will protect its reputation

Rocketship Education is a network of elementary schools nationwide that are non-profit making. They offer services to those from low-income regions and with no ability to afford the services of exceptional schools. Founded in 2006, Rocketship Education was established with intentions of reducing the gap between those with high income and those with low income when accessing education facilities and services. The company has ensured the gap is reduced by creating a long-lasting model that helps the students achieve excellence despite their background. The educational model employed in the facilities is supported by technology and are teacher-centered.

Following the media doubt and false report on the efficiency of the teaching models used in Rocketship Education with Anya Kamenetz in the forefront, Rocketship Education has offered a strong response on the same. From the group’s response, the information reported was not factual, and no proper research had been done before publishing. The picture used in the report was not from the group, and the report concentrated on the challenges faced by the group. As reported by Richard Whitmire, an experienced Journalist andRocketship author, the media report was so shallow, and there was no comparison done between the group and the schools in the region.

The CEO of Rocketship Education offered an in-depth response that led to the emergence of questions for educators and those in charge of coming up with the education models. From the answer, the CEO stated that the problems stated in the report regarding classroom management, staff allocation, and technology utilization by students are general problems faced by both private and public schools across the country. He stated that the media exaggerated the issues and Rocketship Education is dealing with them considering their complexity.

From the media report, the CEO affirmed that there was a bad picture painted for the whole Rocketship group. He also added that classroom management is different from school to school and Rocketship Education has its way of handling the same. The media report was just deep and narrow and should not prevent Rocketship Education from being an outstanding network of elementary schools.

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