Waiakea Water Continues to Lead the Water Business

The Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water company has made a mark in the beverage industry and produced the first fully degradable bottle to hold its product. The brand already made a name for itself, beginning production with sustainable practices at the forefront of the brand’s mission. The fully degradable bottles use nanotech in a new way, reversing the current trends in plastic composition technology to create plastic that is able to hold its form but able to be 100% recyclable. Waiakea bottles cut the breakdown of the plastic down to under two decades.

The Waiakea company was created by a young entrepreneur, Ryan Emmons, who knew he had a great product available to him and had new ideas for how to produce it. The bottled water business is a competitive market, and a standard has been set by industry giants that control the production and market, making it hard for new tech and ideas to be incorporated. Regardless of all that Emmons pushed ahead and stuck to the sustainable principles that he set out to achieve in the beginning.


The success and growth of the company made waves, and proved that incorporating sustainable practices into a business model did not mean profits would be sacrificed. The growth of the company was incredibly significant, and uncommon compared to what is experienced by other businesses trying to break into the same market. After four years, Waiakea was valued at over ten million dollars.

In the end the Waiakea water company has managed to deliver a great product that was missing in an already crowded market, set itself apart with sustainable values, is successful, and embraces new technology. Taking the brand and the products further is something that the entire industry is excited for and watching to see what else Emmons and his breakthrough company come up with.