OSI’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman of OSI Group, LLC. He is also the group’s chief executive officer. He is the president of OSI’s affiliate OSI International Foods Ltd. He is Rush University Medical Center’s general trustee and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s director.

Sheldon Lavin has many accolades and serves on many boards. He is Ronald McDonald’s House Charities trustee, a board member for Goodman Theatre and also Rush University Medical Centre. Sheldon is also President of the Sheba Foundation. He is also the foundation’s director. This is a charitable family foundation.

Lavin’s Path
Lavin, who is now 81 years, still pursues the growth of OSI in Asia and Europe. Although the company has a presence in these continents, Lavin is still passionate about digging in and excellence. One would expect him to relax now that OSI has 55 facilities around the world, but Lavin sees potential for more business.

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It was while working for Otto & Sons that his path to the meat industry became apparent. Otto & Sons were interested in building a factory for meat processing in the Midwest. This would help their ambitions to become the principal McDonald’s hamburger suppliers. At the time the problem was funding and when Lavin, though initially not interested in joining in as partner, joint the business, his contribution was remarkable.

When the Otto & Son’s proprietor retired, Lavin became a partner with the sons and he helped take the business overseas. While Sheldon Lavin was still working at Otto & Sons, though not permanently, McDonald’s requested he come in full time. Otto & Sons then changed to OSI and Lavin came in full time, growing the business impressively.

As an investor, banker and financial consultant, Lavin’s entry into the meat industry was strange. He had had a successful career in the financial industry. As chairman and chief executive officer at OSI group, he has grown the company from a simple McDonald’s supplier into a global supplier to multiple retail brands and food services. Now OSI Group LLC incorporates others such as OSI industries, OSI International, Incorporated and OSI International Foods.