How to Host a Brilliant Wine Tasting at Home With the Help of The Traveling Vineyard

It’s always been my dream to host an amazing wine tasting in my home. It would be an even bigger dream to consistently host fabulous wine tastings in other people’s homes and actually get paid for it. That is the concept that The Traveling Vineyard developed over ten years ago. The company empowers its staff of hosts, called Wine Guides, to help wine lovers everywhere host wine tastings in private homes and provide them with the best wines available. The experience of going to your local market or grocery store and picking out a bottle that you think looks good is pretty much moot compared to a gathering of friends to discuss wine and sample various bottles before selecting one you know you will enjoy.

Wine Guides with The Traveling Vineyard have basically the coolest job ever. They meet with people who want to host wine tastings and then map out exactly how the tasting will go – how many guests, which wines, the ambiance of the evening, and so forth.

The Wine Guide then shows up and leads the tasting while the host relaxes with friends and samples some of the best wines from Napa Valley and beyond. At the end of the wine tasting, Wine Guides take orders from guests of the host and The Traveling Vineyard handles order processing and delivery. Easy as pie and as a Wine Guide you just provided a wonderful experience for a group of friends that they won’t ever forget.

The Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides are experts in what they do. They recently shared some simple tips to host an elegant wine tasting in your own home. Among those tips were basic setup advice on how to choose your wines. They recommend choosing about five wines that will make for a nice journey. You can either select a traditional tasting that moves from whites to reds or you can choose a theme. A theme could be a specific region like Argentinian wines, or a blind taste test that features more expensive wines vs. their budget friendly counter parts, it can even be a tour around the globe of wines from different countries.

They also provide excellent tips that a first time wine tasting host may not think of like using a white table cloth to enhance the wine’s color as well as how long to wait in between tastings to let the flavor profile fully develop. You can read the Wine Guide’s full list of tips for a brilliant tasting here or simply get in touch with a Wine Guide from The Traveling Vineyard. You can also become one yourself and leverage your love of wine to a fun at-home business.