Dr. Mark Holterman, a Pediatric Surgeon

Mark Holterman, is an experienced surgeon who takes his responsibility both as a pediatrics and as a professor of surgery at University of Illinois College of Medicine as well as the CEO of Mariam Global Health. As a pediatric surgeon, he supports the work of International, Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. (IPSAC-VN)


Since the foundation of IPSAC-VN, the organization has been working on the objective of enhancing pediatric medicine for the young citizens of Vietnam. Thus the organization oversees several initiatives that offer different services like medical personnel, supplies and other resources that are of help to the people of the region.


IPSAC-VN as well offer support in form of International Scholar Program that enables the local medical professional to further their education in the United States. For one to acquire the scholarship, has to provide a letter from the current institution showing their education.


Those who benefit from IPSAC-VN scholarships get $ 2,500 to cater for their travel to U.S (Behance.net). Then they stay at the host institution for up to two months where they can either train in medical research or participate in clinical examinations. When the scholarship period is over, participants go back to Vietnam where they are expected to meet their supporters. During the meeting, they are expected to highlight their stay in U.S and the strategies they intend to use to improve local pediatric health care.


Dr. Mark Holterman is a member of American Diabetes Association. The organization was founded in 1940 and mainly focuses on conducting research, education and activism activities related to the prevention, treatment, and cure of diabetes. The organization funds many programs to support its mission, one of them is Mental Health Provider Diabetes Education Program. The aim of the program is to address the need of mental health professionals who are ready to address the psychosocial challenges that are related to diabetes.


Dr. Mark Holterma is based in Illinois, where he lectures at the University of Illinois College of medicine. He has a membership in several organizations, one of them is American College of Surgeons. Mark Holterman concentrates in pediatric surgery.

Stop Phantom Drain with This Helpful Tip from Stream Energy

It’s a little-known secret that many electronics and appliances still use electricity even when they are switched off. Stream Energy wants energy consumers to know that this hidden use of energy often leads to higher than expected electric bills (Facebook). When extra power is eaten up by energy vampire devices it’s called phantom drain, which can easily run up a family’s annual electric bill by more than $100 per year.


In order to avoid higher than expected energy bills, consumers need to only make one simple change to their habits: unplug electronics and small appliances when not in use. Devices like coffee makers, game consoles, computer screens, printers and entertainment systems can be attached to power strips, making it easier to unplug several items at the same time. Making this minor change can add up to big savings on electricity for many households over the course of a year.


Headquartered in Dallas, TX, Stream Energy is one of the largest direct sellers of energy in the global energy marketplace. In business since 2005, the company provides electricity and natural gas services to consumers in a number of large markets throughout the U.S. The company is also dedicated to the environment, shown through the way the company sources power (https://www.saveonenergy.com/stream-energy/). Stream Energy purchases some of its power from clean energy producers of wind, solar, hydro and other renewable energy sources. By doing this, the company is able to provide customers with a choice to protect the environment by using the company’s Green and Clean energy products.


Stream Energy maintains an ongoing commitment to its customers, helping them gain more control over the cost of their electric bills. To this end, the company offers energy use monitoring tools, budget-friendly long-term fixed rate electricity plans, and energy sharing programs with rewards like free electricity. In many different ways, Stream Energy shows its dedication to creating a win-win experience for energy users everywhere the company operates.

Louis Chenevert Made the UTC One of the Most Prolific Companies in the World

Most famous people in the world of business have come along to gunner their accomplishments. This is the same case with Mr. Louis R. Chenevert, who has played a significant role in several companies and helped them to become who they are today. Chenevert is a French-Canadian man and secures a bachelor’s degree in production management. His long career saw him serve many companies such as the General Motors business where he started his career and served for ten years before getting another job at the Pratt & Whitney where he served as the president. His crave for work continued bearing more fruits where he managed to become the president of UTC.

He was able to secure achievements worth more than $100 billion. This is an undisputed achievement as most of the managers have worked in their respective fields and have never achieved such a level and won’t achieve even if they dedicate all their entire career for the same. Mr. Louis R. Chenevert made the first impression when he acquired the acquisition of Goodrich. When he was working at the UTC, he was much interested investing in technology where his efforts enabled the company to withstand recession without being affected much.
Investing in people was another goal and mission that made him achieve for the UTC. He knew that combining the best team with the right technology could bear the fruits and that what made him lay out a brilliant working strategy which he employed in reaching out his ambitions. He rolled out a program to promote the UTC workers who had interest in pursuing higher education. From the program, they have been able to sponsor over forty thousand UTC employees to acquire higher education from various higher education institutions from all over the world.
Using his skills, Chenevert picked out projects that favored the company’s interest in producing the best and also profitable long-term projects. He had a self-created philosophy which he used as a driving motivation for himself and also to his team. UTC has the most advanced technology in producing the most advanced jet engines and helicopters. Before he stepped down from the company, he was able to diversify the company’s investments as they also dominate in other fields of production such as making refrigerators, air conditioners and heating systems.

Writer and Entrepreneur Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison is known as a prominent entrepreneur, media expert, and an author. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Daniel Mark Harrison CO. Ltd. Harrison has held the posts since the company was founded in October 2015. The company has workplaces which have active operations in Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Harrison fully possesses and manages the company with a mission of developing his personal and family assets. The company currently has a massive reputation as a worldwide investment enterprise.

Harrison is also a managing partner of Monkey Capital, a Blockchain funding, and fin-tech capital. The company is a decentralized firm focused on investing in the Blockchain system and Space X Supply contracts. The Capital ventures largely on crypto and have emerged as the first ICO to vend the pre-ICO opportunities successfully.

Harrison has also contributed as a writer of CoinSpeaker for several years during which he has recorded various achievements. He has succeeded to raise readership to more than 450,000 monthly. He has also managed the editorial team and has assisted with the enhancement of the site in preparation for Google News syndication. Furthermore, he has broken several stories including The End of Coin Desk’s Proxy Index?, Altcoin Investors Pile into Shares After $1.025million VC Round, and The Top Bitcoin Brokerage Sees Margin Shorts up 10X in 24 hours.

Harrison was also a Chief Editor at Marx Rand. He was also a publisher at Marx Rand, a news publication whose mission is to explore independent mind concepts. During his tenure, the publication uncovered an FBI agent who was working as the head of Ku Klux Klan as an undercover. The publication also uncovered how Toyota Vehicle manufacturing company employs slave labor. It also uncovered the story behind the failure of the FDA and the US drug companies in their efforts to solve the growing numbers of Haitian cervical cancer.

He also worked at the Motley fool as a columnist for six years. There he was accredited with finding references relating to stock charges in the UK and the US markets that were meticulous. Harrison also led in the exposure of the anguishes in Nintendo.

The Link Between Dentistry, Sleep, and Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a pioneer in the use of dentistry to combat sleep disorders and a standout among his colleagues in terms of his professional and academic background. Dr Avi Weisfogel‘s creative approach to treating common sleep disorders is revolutionary in its combination of two distinct, and rarely associated, fields dentistry and sleep physiology.

A graduate of Rutgers University, Dr. Avi Weisfogel received his degree in Biology and Psychology. This achievement provided the foundation for his continued education at New York University where he received a certification in Dental Surgery. From these varied academic backgrounds, Dr Weisfogel was able to foresee unique treatments for common ailments and set out to open his own practice.
Old Bridge Dental Care was opened under Dr. Weisfogel’s tutelage and he went on to win the dentist of the year award twice consecutively. However, Dr. Weisfogel’s passion for treating sleep disorders still loomed large in his professional life, and he opened Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients to combine sleep physiology and dentistry.
What Dr. Weisfogel foresaw was the link between quality sleep and proper dental care. Often, patients had nested issues that could be concurrently resolved by consulting a dental specialist. Patients who saw Dr. Weisfogel immediately noticed a difference in the quality of their sleep- having solved the underlying dental and oral causes for their restlessness.

Dr. Weisfogel is truly a visionary in combining two disparate fields and is a creative problem solver with a passion for helping patients. His impressive academic resume coupled with years of clinical experience make him a leader in the field of dentistry and a revolutionary in the treatment of sleeping disorders and complications.

Waiakea Water Continues to Lead the Water Business

The Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water company has made a mark in the beverage industry and produced the first fully degradable bottle to hold its product. The brand already made a name for itself, beginning production with sustainable practices at the forefront of the brand’s mission. The fully degradable bottles use nanotech in a new way, reversing the current trends in plastic composition technology to create plastic that is able to hold its form but able to be 100% recyclable. Waiakea bottles cut the breakdown of the plastic down to under two decades.

The Waiakea company was created by a young entrepreneur, Ryan Emmons, who knew he had a great product available to him and had new ideas for how to produce it. The bottled water business is a competitive market, and a standard has been set by industry giants that control the production and market, making it hard for new tech and ideas to be incorporated. Regardless of all that Emmons pushed ahead and stuck to the sustainable principles that he set out to achieve in the beginning.


The success and growth of the company made waves, and proved that incorporating sustainable practices into a business model did not mean profits would be sacrificed. The growth of the company was incredibly significant, and uncommon compared to what is experienced by other businesses trying to break into the same market. After four years, Waiakea was valued at over ten million dollars.

In the end the Waiakea water company has managed to deliver a great product that was missing in an already crowded market, set itself apart with sustainable values, is successful, and embraces new technology. Taking the brand and the products further is something that the entire industry is excited for and watching to see what else Emmons and his breakthrough company come up with.

How to Host a Brilliant Wine Tasting at Home With the Help of The Traveling Vineyard

It’s always been my dream to host an amazing wine tasting in my home. It would be an even bigger dream to consistently host fabulous wine tastings in other people’s homes and actually get paid for it. That is the concept that The Traveling Vineyard developed over ten years ago. The company empowers its staff of hosts, called Wine Guides, to help wine lovers everywhere host wine tastings in private homes and provide them with the best wines available. The experience of going to your local market or grocery store and picking out a bottle that you think looks good is pretty much moot compared to a gathering of friends to discuss wine and sample various bottles before selecting one you know you will enjoy.

Wine Guides with The Traveling Vineyard have basically the coolest job ever. They meet with people who want to host wine tastings and then map out exactly how the tasting will go – how many guests, which wines, the ambiance of the evening, and so forth.

The Wine Guide then shows up and leads the tasting while the host relaxes with friends and samples some of the best wines from Napa Valley and beyond. At the end of the wine tasting, Wine Guides take orders from guests of the host and The Traveling Vineyard handles order processing and delivery. Easy as pie and as a Wine Guide you just provided a wonderful experience for a group of friends that they won’t ever forget.

The Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides are experts in what they do. They recently shared some simple tips to host an elegant wine tasting in your own home. Among those tips were basic setup advice on how to choose your wines. They recommend choosing about five wines that will make for a nice journey. You can either select a traditional tasting that moves from whites to reds or you can choose a theme. A theme could be a specific region like Argentinian wines, or a blind taste test that features more expensive wines vs. their budget friendly counter parts, it can even be a tour around the globe of wines from different countries.

They also provide excellent tips that a first time wine tasting host may not think of like using a white table cloth to enhance the wine’s color as well as how long to wait in between tastings to let the flavor profile fully develop. You can read the Wine Guide’s full list of tips for a brilliant tasting here or simply get in touch with a Wine Guide from The Traveling Vineyard. You can also become one yourself and leverage your love of wine to a fun at-home business.

Life And Contribution of Jim Larkin to History

James Larkin was an Irish activist and labor organizer who championed for the rights of workers. He was born in 1876 in Liverpool and through his effort he was able to bring together workers across the country to fight for their labor rights.

Larkin grew up in the slums and had some formal education, and to supplement the income of his family, he took up different jobs while young.

He would eventually become a foreman working with the Liverpool docks, but after serving for a few years, he saw the maltreatment workers were forced to endure, which inspired him to become a member of the National Union of Dock Laborers, where he assumed a full-time role as a trade union organizer.

In 1907, his militant approach alarmed the NUDL and due to this frustration the government transferred him to Dublin, where he established the Irish Transport and General Workers Union whose goal was to bring together all Irish industrial workers, both unskilled and skilled, to form a strong organization that would pursue their rights. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia and James Larkin | Biography

Larkin later established the Irish Labor Party, which took part in leading several strikes. The most notable of these strikes was the Dublin Lockout of 1913 that sent over 100,000 workers on an eight-months-long strike, thereby winning to get rewarded the right to fair employment.

When the First World War broke, James Larkin organized an anti-war campaign across Dublin. To ensure he succeeded, he traveled to the United States to fundraise what would be used to fight the British.

In 1920, James Larkin was arrested and convicted of communism and criminal anarchy, but three years later he was pardoned and sent back to Ireland. But his quest for justice did not end with this as when he arrived in Ireland he continued to work on his resolve to ensure equal rights among workers across the country.

His story has been shared across many decades as a person who fought to rescue the country from the shackles of oppression. James Larkin has even been quoted by leaders across the globe who share in his vision of achieving a world where fairness and rule of law prevail, especially when it comes to dealing with labor laws and rights.

The impact he left behind is enjoyed to this day as most trade unions in Ireland have established themselves with the same principles he pursued back then. He is a hero that many will live to remember.

Securus Receives Accreditation from Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies Company is a technology solutions company based in the United States. For more than two decades of excellence and experience in the inmate industry, the company has set a name for itself as the best. This is because they have always strived to achieve the best business reviews for an achievement that is accredited for an entity that is sustained for assimilation procedures. When you talk about all the technology used to foster correction in the inmate industry, it is all the work of Securus Technologies Company. Few technology companies in the inmate industry can compare their levels of success with Securus Technologies Company.


Securus Technologies Company has announced that the Dallas-based Better Business Bureau has accredited the company with the highest form of accreditation. This is because Securus Technologies Company has satisfied all the credentials to be accredited by the better business bureau as a company that strives to achieve better business. The Better Business Bureau does not favor its clients. However, they work by issuing the statements that made them accredit the client company in public for scrutiny. If a company fails to provide the best forms of accreditation, they will also roll back to the point of accreditation.


Securus Technologies Company is a company that is always assimilated for better business in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. For this reason, they have always entitled their capabilities of activities in a manner that is not paralleled in business. If you are one of the few people who work to achieve better business with Securus Technologies Company, you are in the right direction to modernize your correctional company. The commitment of Securus Technologies Company towards shunning away for business values in the inmate industry sets the company apart in the industry. This is because they have stayed ahead of the rest to issue their independent business solutions.


Jim Larkin Helped Grow the Union

Since Jim Larkin first started working, he knew he would be able to help the union. He tried hard to ensure he was doing everything right with the union because of the way he felt it was important. It had done a lot of things for him, so he wanted a chance to give back.

This was a part of the opportunities he felt were important in his own life. It was also what made it easier for him to try and do different things while he was making things right for the union. Read more: James Larkin | Biography

One problem that arose was revolving around the parties he was supportive of. He didn’t know the right way to support opinions without causing major problems for the people who were also trying to make the world a better place.

Jim Larkin tried his best to show people what they could do to make things better on their own and many people saw that as a problem. They didn’t want him to threaten them in a way that would make things harder on them. He posed a threat because he could give the power back to the people.

While he was protesting in Dublin, he learned about some of the issues that were going on in the United States. One of the biggest problems was he was trying to change the way things were going for different people. Learn more about James Larkin: http://www.rte.ie/centuryireland/index.php/articles/jim-larkin-released-from-prison

It was a major problem in that time, and Jim Larkin wanted to do something about it. He was sure he would be able to help so he went to the United States to try and protest the problems going on around the world.

The problem that came, though, was Jim Larkin did not protest in the right way. He was struggling to ensure things were going the right way in the United States and got into some trouble while there.

After that, he returned to Dublin. He continued to work to help the unions there so he could show other people the options they had.

This is what allowed him the chance to make things better for other people. It also gave him the chance to make Ireland a better place no matter what was going on for other people.

Jim Larkin did what he could to improve the unions and a lot of the work is still in use in Ireland today because of the way he did it.