How to Host a Brilliant Wine Tasting at Home With the Help of The Traveling Vineyard

It’s always been my dream to host an amazing wine tasting in my home. It would be an even bigger dream to consistently host fabulous wine tastings in other people’s homes and actually get paid for it. That is the concept that The Traveling Vineyard developed over ten years ago. The company empowers its staff of hosts, called Wine Guides, to help wine lovers everywhere host wine tastings in private homes and provide them with the best wines available. The experience of going to your local market or grocery store and picking out a bottle that you think looks good is pretty much moot compared to a gathering of friends to discuss wine and sample various bottles before selecting one you know you will enjoy.

Wine Guides with The Traveling Vineyard have basically the coolest job ever. They meet with people who want to host wine tastings and then map out exactly how the tasting will go – how many guests, which wines, the ambiance of the evening, and so forth.

The Wine Guide then shows up and leads the tasting while the host relaxes with friends and samples some of the best wines from Napa Valley and beyond. At the end of the wine tasting, Wine Guides take orders from guests of the host and The Traveling Vineyard handles order processing and delivery. Easy as pie and as a Wine Guide you just provided a wonderful experience for a group of friends that they won’t ever forget.

The Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides are experts in what they do. They recently shared some simple tips to host an elegant wine tasting in your own home. Among those tips were basic setup advice on how to choose your wines. They recommend choosing about five wines that will make for a nice journey. You can either select a traditional tasting that moves from whites to reds or you can choose a theme. A theme could be a specific region like Argentinian wines, or a blind taste test that features more expensive wines vs. their budget friendly counter parts, it can even be a tour around the globe of wines from different countries.

They also provide excellent tips that a first time wine tasting host may not think of like using a white table cloth to enhance the wine’s color as well as how long to wait in between tastings to let the flavor profile fully develop. You can read the Wine Guide’s full list of tips for a brilliant tasting here or simply get in touch with a Wine Guide from The Traveling Vineyard. You can also become one yourself and leverage your love of wine to a fun at-home business.

Life And Contribution of Jim Larkin to History

James Larkin was an Irish activist and labor organizer who championed for the rights of workers. He was born in 1876 in Liverpool and through his effort he was able to bring together workers across the country to fight for their labor rights.

Larkin grew up in the slums and had some formal education, and to supplement the income of his family, he took up different jobs while young.

He would eventually become a foreman working with the Liverpool docks, but after serving for a few years, he saw the maltreatment workers were forced to endure, which inspired him to become a member of the National Union of Dock Laborers, where he assumed a full-time role as a trade union organizer.

In 1907, his militant approach alarmed the NUDL and due to this frustration the government transferred him to Dublin, where he established the Irish Transport and General Workers Union whose goal was to bring together all Irish industrial workers, both unskilled and skilled, to form a strong organization that would pursue their rights. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia and James Larkin | Biography

Larkin later established the Irish Labor Party, which took part in leading several strikes. The most notable of these strikes was the Dublin Lockout of 1913 that sent over 100,000 workers on an eight-months-long strike, thereby winning to get rewarded the right to fair employment.

When the First World War broke, James Larkin organized an anti-war campaign across Dublin. To ensure he succeeded, he traveled to the United States to fundraise what would be used to fight the British.

In 1920, James Larkin was arrested and convicted of communism and criminal anarchy, but three years later he was pardoned and sent back to Ireland. But his quest for justice did not end with this as when he arrived in Ireland he continued to work on his resolve to ensure equal rights among workers across the country.

His story has been shared across many decades as a person who fought to rescue the country from the shackles of oppression. James Larkin has even been quoted by leaders across the globe who share in his vision of achieving a world where fairness and rule of law prevail, especially when it comes to dealing with labor laws and rights.

The impact he left behind is enjoyed to this day as most trade unions in Ireland have established themselves with the same principles he pursued back then. He is a hero that many will live to remember.

Securus Receives Accreditation from Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies Company is a technology solutions company based in the United States. For more than two decades of excellence and experience in the inmate industry, the company has set a name for itself as the best. This is because they have always strived to achieve the best business reviews for an achievement that is accredited for an entity that is sustained for assimilation procedures. When you talk about all the technology used to foster correction in the inmate industry, it is all the work of Securus Technologies Company. Few technology companies in the inmate industry can compare their levels of success with Securus Technologies Company.


Securus Technologies Company has announced that the Dallas-based Better Business Bureau has accredited the company with the highest form of accreditation. This is because Securus Technologies Company has satisfied all the credentials to be accredited by the better business bureau as a company that strives to achieve better business. The Better Business Bureau does not favor its clients. However, they work by issuing the statements that made them accredit the client company in public for scrutiny. If a company fails to provide the best forms of accreditation, they will also roll back to the point of accreditation.


Securus Technologies Company is a company that is always assimilated for better business in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. For this reason, they have always entitled their capabilities of activities in a manner that is not paralleled in business. If you are one of the few people who work to achieve better business with Securus Technologies Company, you are in the right direction to modernize your correctional company. The commitment of Securus Technologies Company towards shunning away for business values in the inmate industry sets the company apart in the industry. This is because they have stayed ahead of the rest to issue their independent business solutions.

Jim Larkin Helped Grow the Union

Since Jim Larkin first started working, he knew he would be able to help the union. He tried hard to ensure he was doing everything right with the union because of the way he felt it was important. It had done a lot of things for him, so he wanted a chance to give back.

This was a part of the opportunities he felt were important in his own life. It was also what made it easier for him to try and do different things while he was making things right for the union. Read more: James Larkin | Biography

One problem that arose was revolving around the parties he was supportive of. He didn’t know the right way to support opinions without causing major problems for the people who were also trying to make the world a better place.

Jim Larkin tried his best to show people what they could do to make things better on their own and many people saw that as a problem. They didn’t want him to threaten them in a way that would make things harder on them. He posed a threat because he could give the power back to the people.

While he was protesting in Dublin, he learned about some of the issues that were going on in the United States. One of the biggest problems was he was trying to change the way things were going for different people. Learn more about James Larkin:

It was a major problem in that time, and Jim Larkin wanted to do something about it. He was sure he would be able to help so he went to the United States to try and protest the problems going on around the world.

The problem that came, though, was Jim Larkin did not protest in the right way. He was struggling to ensure things were going the right way in the United States and got into some trouble while there.

After that, he returned to Dublin. He continued to work to help the unions there so he could show other people the options they had.

This is what allowed him the chance to make things better for other people. It also gave him the chance to make Ireland a better place no matter what was going on for other people.

Jim Larkin did what he could to improve the unions and a lot of the work is still in use in Ireland today because of the way he did it.

Michael Lacey; a Great American Mathematician

Many mathematicians are not popular, but their contribution in adding mathematical knowledge is immense. Michael Lacey; a professor of mathematics at Georgia State University is one of the many mathematicians in the world.

Michael Lacey was born in 1959, and he has grown with love and passion for mathematics. He has contributed a lot of knowledge to the field math, and his hard work and determination are evident.

Michael Lacey attained his Ph.D. At the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign way back in 1987. Before then he had achieved a bachelor’s degree in 1981 from the University of Texas. After his education, he joined the field of academic where he started as an assistant professor at Louisiana State University.

Lacey worked at the University of North California and Indiana University, both as an assistant professor. Later in 1996, Lacey became an associate professor without tenure at Georgia State University. It took him two years to be granted a tenure and he became a full professor in mathematics at the same university.

Michael Lacey has solved very many mathematical problems. One of them is that he used probability theory to explain a random walk. Lacey focused on the magnitude of fluctuation when on is walking, and this is employed in empirical characteristics. Read more; Michael Lacey | Facebook and Michael Lacey |

This law is referred to as the law of iterated algorithm. Later in his career, Professor Lacey focused more on harmonic analysis which he loved most.

Professor Lacey together with his instructor; Walter Phillip developed a mathematical theorem used mainly in probabilities. With his determination and hard work, Lacey studied bilinear Hilbert transform. This study was not proven, and in 1996, Lacey and his friend Thiele solved the problem. This is one of his greatest achievement in the field of mathematics.

Michael Lacy has received many awards. Lacey and Thiele won Salem Prize for their efforts and contribution in solving bilinear Hilbert transform study. He was honored by Georgia State University in 2012 for being a good mentor, and he was awarded the NSF-Advanced Mentoring award. Lacey was also given a chance to talk to all mathematicians from all over the world in a congress held in Berlin in 1998.

Being a mathematician is not easy as it requires great hard work and patience. Therefore, Michael Lacey should be honored and respected for his achievement.

Lacey is still engaged in research, and mentoring students is one of the things he likes most. With great love for mathematics, Lacey has achieved a lot, and his knowledge is very helpful in mathematics.

Kim Dao Entrepeneur

Kim Dao is a blogger, vlogger and media influencer. She is an Australian native who started her vlogging journey when she took a trip to Japan. To make a record of her trip she took to taking video footage and providing narrative. She did not expect the fan base that she has earned. So many people loved her vlog about Japan that she began making vlogs about various things people may be interested in. She is known for her top ten and favorite lists. She reviews and discusses products like make up, lotions and hair products. Kim Dao recently went to Europe and vlogged her entire trip from each country. She discussed shopping, prices, lodging and food. Learn more:


Kim Dao has featured vlogs about her new apartment that she recently purchased with her boyfriend and let her followers have a sneak peak of what it will look like. The ideas for Kim Dao’s blogs and vlogs come from her followers. Her average day consists of her updating her various media platforms and interacting with her followers. While she is always interacting to her readers and vlog followers she feels that this is how she continually grows in the industry. Kim Dao makes sure to provide her followers with the reviews and vlogs that they want more knowledge about. Kim’s open ended communication with her followers is what she attributes her success to. Given the chance, she would not go back and make any changes, she loves where she is and happy with her loyal and dedicated readers and subscribers. Learn more:


Betsy DeVos: Hard-Working, Charitable, and Effective

While many know Betsy Devos through her recent appointment as the United States’ Secretary of Education, fewer know the journey that she has taken to reach this position. Betsy’s path to this point was long and winding, but throughout it all, she demonstrated a clear care for others and a desire to reform education in a positive way. DeVos’ dedication to improving education highlights why she was such a great choice for the job, and as she continues to serve in her role, she flashes the skills she accrued through so many years of experience. Her and her husband Dick have powerfully aligned goals, and even though much of their work was done as a team, Betsy still has a powerful resume on her own.


Betsy DeVos began her professional career working for the Republic National Committee in Michigan, and from there, she held a number of other positions: board member of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party, and chairwoman of “Alliance for School Choice.” The last of those stops is probably the most demonstrative of DeVos’ philosophy; she strongly believes in school choice, and her actions throughout her career, and to this day, reflect that passion. DeVos isn’t a ideologue. She favors practicality and simply wants to find the solution that works.


Betsy, along with her husband Dick, have given enormous amounts of money to important causes. Unsurprisingly, much of DeVos’ philanthropy has supplemented and built educational organizations. One of her biggest donations was to Success Academy Charter Schools, which DeVos’ foundation donated $150,000 to. Another large donation was a $100,000 gift to The Potter’s House, a Christian school in Michigan. Along with these two, DeVos also donated to the University of Maryland College Park Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy, and Loudspeaker Media Inc. While anyone is capable of “talking the talk,” DeVos financial contributions to these organizations puts more weight behind her words; she genuinely believes that implementing her philosophy into education will create large dividends for all students.


Betsy DeVos showcases her passion and love for education through every action. Whether she is serving or donating, her fervor for educational improvement is clear. Her new platform as the Secretary of Education is an exceptional opportunity for her. In this position, America will see her visions realized in a way never before. And with what’s known about DeVos, be assured that her changes and efforts will strengthen American schools for the future.


Visit to learn more.

Scott Rocklage: An Amazing Inventor With An Extensive Business Background

The healthcare management sector in the United States has seen many changes, and an impressive force in this field has been Dr. Scott Rocklage. As the managing partner at 5AM Ventures, he has provided a uniform and wise leadership for the company. Read more: Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

Prior to taking the helm in 2004, Dr. Rocklage had successful careers at various healthcare companies, such as Cubist Pharmaceuticals. His extensive business background, along with education credits that includes MIT, has aided his continued success. He sits on many company boards, and his opinions are highly valued in the healthcare field.

Inventors have been known to change the course of society with better systems, tools and equipment. Scott Rocklage is an amazing inventor who has successfully received more than 30 patents in the United States. He is also highly valued by his peers with over a hundred published research articles.

He has also conducted his research in a Nobel Prize winner’s laboratory, and that facility is the Richard R. Schrock’s laboratory. Mr. Schrock won the Nobel Prize in 2005. Dr. Rocklage, in interviews, has humbly acknowledged that he has been privileged to work in this laboratory.

Education has been the foundation of Mr. Rocklage’s success. He holds a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Both his undergraduate Bachelor of Science from UC Berkeley and PhD. graduate coursework focused on Chemistry. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: and

This educational base has allowed him to move forward drug applications to the approval level in the United States while at 5AM Ventures. The introduction of newer and better prescriptions helps many individuals in society. His knowledge of chemistry has helped with his strategic style of leadership.

The process of FDA approval is very extensive and many applications are denied. Dr. Rocklage has successful been approved for 3 new drug applications in the U.S., and these include Cubicin, Omniscan and Teslascan.

The healthcare field will continue to improve in treatments as new prescriptions and medicines become available to help doctors treat patients. For instance, Omniscan is used with MRIs to assist with visualization of abnormalities in the brain. Dr. Rocklage has made many positive contributions to the advancement towards better healthcare.

Jim Tananbaum – Founder & CEO of Foresite Capital

Jim Tananbaum is the CEO and Founder of the Foresite Capital Company based in the United States. For him, he has always worked to achieve an environment where the rights of every citizen are protected when it comes to financial security. This is the reason why he founded the Foresite Capital Company. Jim Tananbaum founded the company to help the healthcare industry to survive through the acquisition of the expensive medical therapy equipment. This is one of the greatest ways to achieve better business in a manner that is not precedent in accessibility. The company also works by identifying the industry leaders who are willing to take up new financing solutions to help their business deliver the required medical solutions.

Before founding the Foresite Capital Company, Jim Tananbaum co-founded two biopharmaceutical companies as well as two healthcare investment practices in the United States. Jim Tananbaum is also the CEO and Founder of the GelTex Pharmaceutical Company based in the United States. This is the company the brought about the introduction of the drug market for $80 million. GelTex was acquired for $1.9 billion in 1998, claims Jim Tananbaum is also considered as one of the most achieved individuals in the United States. His contribution to the marketing industry goes a long way to develop intrinsic solutions.

According to Businesswire, Jim Tananbaum’s experience in investments includes his capabilities in founding the Prospect Ventures Company. In his early times of his career in the industry, Jim Tananbaum founded the Sierra Ventures Company that dictates the money you receive when you retire as a way of developing fast income solutions. Jim Tananbaum is also a graduate of the United States better business capability that foresees the introduction of agitated business solutions. Jim Tananbaum is also passionate about enhancing his field to facilitate better business through skill development and technological innovation.

The idea about Foresite came from his capabilities as a member of the American medical society, reveals For over two decades of professional experience, Jim Tananbaum worked hard to become a legacy in the industry. He can also point to numerous experiences that made him want to know more as a result of activated business entities.

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How Fabletics Succeeded

The success of any company depends on its customers. In the case of membership-based companies like Fabletics, customers have all the control. That means Fabletic’s techniques are member-focused and working. Fabletics has become one of the most popular fashion brands in the world. It’s even taking on Amazon as number one provider of fitness wear.

Fabletics tabbed into the activewear trend three years ago. Since then, Fabletics has become the number one brand among millennials. Millennials love activewear because of its dual purpose and relaxing feel. Fabletics perfectly combines stylish fashion and activewear with affordable prices, making it an award-winning brand.

Fabletics is now listed among the highest-value brands. Fabletics was founded in a unique way, making itself able to quickly change to better serve their members. These days, it’s abilities like that which the modern consumer looks for in their favorite brands. That consumer-based viewpoint has changed the economy of how businesses succeed.

Finding success online is one thing. Fabletics has now taken the same step that companies like Apple and Warby Parker have: opening physical stores. Physical stores offer their own challenges, but Fabletics seems more than up to the task. Currently, they have 16 stores and plan on adding more before the end of this year.

Since opening their first store, Fabletics has run into one small problem. That problem is usually what destroys an online company’s transition into physical stores, but for Fabletics, it’s a small problem. The problem of people shopping elsewhere for cheaper prices is nothing to Fabletics.

They solved that problem before it was able to cause any damage. Fabletic’s stores host events to build relationships with local members. They also fill their stores with fashions that local members like making seem like the entire store were built around each member’s personal style. As result, nearly one-fourth of all visitors become members in store.

Fabletics uses a lot of techniques to lure in new members. One of those techniques is using a lifestyle quiz that shows non-members what outfits would be recommended to them if they were members. The other technique is allowing non-sponsored reviews to blog about their products; no matter the outcome.

One of those reviews is getting a lot of attention for her honest review. In her opinion, Fabletics is actually worth. She was greatly surprised that Fabletics is stylish.